Natalia Ratushnaya

General Manager

Natalia Ratushnaya is the General Manager of Argus Personnel since June 2011.

Natasha has participated in several training courses offered by various international consulting agencies in Ukraine and in Germany. Among others, she had the opportunity to study technology of business conversationsĀ as well as strategy & leadership within a company. She received practical courses in Slavic Association of Ontopsychology in Ukraine, in psychology of leadership, and in practical aspects of Ontopsychology in business.

She has a great amount of work experience in providing consulting services in Staff Lease, Recruitment, and Staff Administration for several Ukrainian and international companies. Natalia Ratushnaya holds a specialist degree of Medical Engineering and a degree from Kyiv Goethe Institute of Ukraine in higher level German.

She has completed courses in speaking and understanding business German in Germany.

The focus is on Recruitment and Staff lease

Knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian, German and English (basic) languages.

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