Top-Executive Search


Top-Executive Search

Our Top-Executive Search is carried out by the same approach as simple recruitment. The main distinction to simple recruitment is that we place a higher emphasis on professional development with top-executive search. With our partner Academy for Management Kyiv-Munich and FRIISBERG & Partners International we conduct seminars and training programs, and provide coaching for the managers.




These modules aim to achieve three results.

Management Skills for Leaders

In this area of knowledge, we aim to make the executive a better leader. We train the executive’s inter-personal skills, so that he can positively influence the performance of his subordinates. We also help him create an environment, which fosters critical thinking and the ability to problem-solve.

Sustainable and Authentic Leadership

In order to create a lasting impact, the leader has to develop assertive and authentic behavior. We help him to establish and enforce a code of conduct, which is upheld by the employees. The existence of boundaries enables employees to respect the authority of the manager for a prolonged period of time.

Business and Life Skills

In this segment we teach the executive to develop a habit of life-long learning, so that he can adjust to new situations effortlessly.  We understand that it is impossible to prepare for every single scenario, yet through our teachings the executive becomes better at conflict management, and learns how to better deal with challenges.


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