ARGUS Personnel carries out recruitment based on the tried-and-true six-step model, which is employed by our partner FRIISBERG International. FRIISBERG’s approach has pleased hundreds of clients in over twenty countries, since FRIISBERG International was founded in 1977. Given that an organization’s success highly depends on the aptitude of its employees, recruitment plays an increasingly important role in today’s business market.


In the beginning, we collaborate with the client’s company to delineate the desired job profile. We clearly define which skills and abilities the candidate is bound to possess. In addition, we outline the potential suitor’s preferred personality type, so that it matches the client’s corporate strategy and guiding principles. Furthermore, we devise the responsibilities which the candidate will have to fulfill.


After the job profile has been completed, we search for potential candidates. Owing to our vast network of connections, we can research and contact professional specialists from multiple economic sectors such as the finance, industry, IT, and retail business fields.


Once the potential candidates have been selected, we judge their aptitude based on the specified selection criteria. In this manner, the entire pool of potential candidates is narrowed down to a few elite managers, who have proven to be well prepared for the task at hand.


As soon as we have chosen the best candidates, we ask them to present themselves to the client. During organized interviews the client is able to make the final decision of which applicant is fit to be their employee.


Finally, we negotiate the fees and conditions with the client, and settle the terms of the agreement.


Throughout all stages we communicate with the client, and continue cooperating even after the contract has been signed. While our professional specialist is working for the client, we coach and mentor him/her, and provide extensive support. We also respond to any of the client’s issues concerning the employee, which may naturally arise during the employee’s tenure. We also regularly carry out audits and assessment centers to keep the employee’s performance at a consistently high level.

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