Our long-term clients value us for our competent performance as full-service HR partners.

Our services include Recruitment of Top-Executives as well as Recruitment of Middle Management and of Specialized Professionals. We also transfer employees to our clients, based on the practice of staff leasing.

ARGUS Personnel  is one of the most experienced HR companies in Ukraine and is proud to collaborate with the most qualified consultants. Furthermore we are able to draw support from a vast network of partners and associates.

ARGUS Personnel is a member of the ARGUS Group of Companies, which grants  ARGUS Personnel  access to highly acclaimed experts such as lawyers, accountants, and IT-specialists. Oftentimes our staff members seek advice from one another, and benefit from each other’s mastery in a particular area of knowledge.

ARGUS Personnel is an executive member of FRIISBERG International in Ukraine. This agreement allows us to recruit the best specialists from FRIISBERG International.

ARGUS Personnel is a member of the European Business Association. We are thereby obliged to the ethical standards of the EBA Code of Conduct.

ARGUS Personnel operates in all regions of Ukraine. Our head office is located in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

ARGUS Personnel is a registered Trade Mark. Consequently, ARGUS Personnel is a universally acknowledged legal entity.

Our staff includes specialists with a multitude of abilities and work experiences, which enables us to assemble workgroups according to the client’s specific requirements.

Please, contact  General Manager Natalia Ratushnaya  if you have a certain request (see Our Staff). You can also send your request to our e-mail address.

Member of Friisberg and Partners     EBA

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